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Sat Apr 18, 2015, 1:23 PM


After almost 1 year and half spent thinking on what would I have liked to do after Mitsume Temo and the Round Earth Committee, my brain finally farted out something.

Actually it was a series of dreams that I had in this period that were trying to showing me this, like a vision, but I took really long time to decode the meanings of these dreams.

I feel like reborn. I can finally go back to work. At least, I hope so.


So , our contest is over and we have 6 winners. 2 of them do't use deviantart, so I can't link their drawing, but I can surely show off the remaining 4!
Here they are:

Regarding the calendar itself and the short comic updates, please wait few more days, since I have some problem to my pc. I'm actually using the work one... I can't even post the report on temo's website...
Well, I should have asked Santa a new Mac...

Anyway thank you all for your continued support.
I love, you all, really!

Thank you so much!

Back from Italy

Wed Jan 8, 2014, 1:40 AM

Dear Deviantart friends,
I'm back from Italy!

I haven't checked deviantart since the 15th of December. All the submission you have seen in these days were scheduled using a function avaiable to premium members.

Speaking of premium members in few day I will announce the winner of the calendar contest and give the membership to the winners.
Please give me few more days since I have had some unexpected problems on my way back here in Japan.

I'll also try to answer to all the comments made while I was away.
It will take a while though.

Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

Dear DeviantArt friends,
I'm going in Italy for 2 weeks (you know... I have parents as well and I haven't seen them in the last 2 years...),
so I won't be able to follow you during Xmas.

So, please accepts my best wishes (in advance) for a merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

I may probably die for a plane crash on my way to Italy (or on my way back to Japan), so instead of sending me orchids,
you could take part on our calendar contest, that, in case of a plane crashing, would be the last calendar contest ever.
Of course, the plane may not crash... but I'm sure you that if you don't take part to the contest, you  will regret for the rest of your life
that I miserably died in a plane accident and you didn't send me neither a lovely drawing of our Temo!!!!!!

Well, the fact is that... I hate planes and I'm scared to death... probably I'll just be fine, but...
I'm not kidding.

What are you saying? The contest?
Oh, sure!
You can find all the info here:…

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you!


Dear DeviantArt friends,
on November 17th 2013, Mitsume Temo has had her 4th anniversary!
As always we would like to thank you all for your continued and belowed support.
It’s because of you all that Temo keeps living and that me and all the other members of the team get the strength and the energy necessary to keep going on.
We love you all, really!

For Temo’s 4th anniversary we have started to distribute our 120 pages pilot manga that will be initially released here on DeviantArt, 1 page every 2 days; then the whole version will be available on this website.
This is our present for you all for having keep supporting us for these 4 long years. We really hope you will enjoy it!

For Mitsume Temo’s 4th Anniversary, we are also presenting our 2014 Calendar Contest, where you’ll be able to win a 3 months subscription to DeviantArt!

As last time, we will pick the winners in a completely random way so, even if you think that your drawing skills aren’t up for the challenge, don’t worry! Everyone may have a chance to win! Just send us your drawings!

The deadline is for December 31st and the winners will be announced before January 15th, 2014. The calendar will be available few days later we have announced the winners.

You can check all the info for submitting your drawings here:…

Apart form the calendar, even if our schedule may change, I want to give you all a small teaser of what is going to happen in the first half of the next year.

We will release one new single, called “Love is Onigiri”. I would really love to tell you more on this but I don’t want to spoil anithing.

Our iPhone App and Temo’s first game, “Panties and Tentacles”, should be ready soon. It was originally scheduled for this year but the development got more complicated than we expected. Anyway we should have fixed all the major issues and should be available soon.

Regarding our Season 3 a new miniseries of video is coming. Can’t really tell more because we are writing the scripts just now… so I don’t know either what to expect!

That’s all for now!
Please take part to our contest and spread the world on it as well, sharing the news not only here on DeviantArt, but also on facebook, twitter or whatever else you use to keep in touch with your friends!

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Whatever doesn't kill you...

Wed Nov 20, 2013, 12:57 AM

...makes you stronger!

Oh well, i guess that's something you all know already.

So, I have spent few months trying to recover from some nasty personal issues. There is still tooooo much left to do to fix things up for me, but I have actually realized that being away from DeviantArt is one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I mean, whatever it may happens I do belong to this community.

To trying catch up the time that was lost, from today I'll start uploading our 120 page pilot manga.

The maga was actually finished 2 years ago (the line) and then colored both by ManouAzumi and by wasawasawa that both were members of Temo's team. (the version I will upload will be wasa's one)

Of course I won't upload all of 120 pages at once, so you may actually have something to looking forward to.

You can find more background info on the manga on the deviation page itself.

Also, the first 12 pages were once uploaded (ages ago) as teaser on our website but then removed.
The whole manga will be completely online on our website after being published here.

There are other thousands of things I would like to share with you, but I'm sure there will be plenty of time in the next days.

Huge hugs!!


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Live streaming now

Sun Jun 30, 2013, 6:40 PM

Streaming form my desktop while making new Temo artwork!
Feel free to watch!…

PS* will write back later for a longer journal entry!

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We will live stream from our booth at Toyko International Anime Fair for 4 days (from 9:30 to 18:00 local time) from the 21st to the 24th of March (it's tomorrow).

These are the links of the streams:

DAY 1…

DAY 2…

DAY 3…

DAY 4…

See you on Youtube!! (and wish me the best!!)

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Dear friends,
few news for you!

1. Short comics are back!
Or at least a selection of our best 30 episodes.
Some of them were unpublished, so you surely have something to read!
Here is the link:…

2. Youtube channel got redesigned.
Our official Youtube channel got redesigned.
If you have time please go check it and if you haven't subscribed yet this may be a good chance for subscribing!
Here is the link:

3. Tokyo International Anime Fair
We will be at Tokyo international Anime Fair from the 21st to the 24th.
We will also held an event at our booth on the 24th.
Please come visit us at booth B-33!
We should do some live streaming too, but we haven't decided the time yet.
Just stay tuned on our Youtube channel and Nico Nico community!

Huge hugs to you all!

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Thu Feb 21, 2013, 7:16 AM

Dear DeviantArt friends,
today is SoloFritto 1st anniversary!!

We have prepared a special article on our website, which explains in detail all the future programs that we have for our sub-brand.

If you have the time have a look at this link:…

I don't want to spoil you anything, so go check it!

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Birthday journal

Thu Feb 14, 2013, 5:36 PM

My sweet and loved deviantart friends,
today is my birthday and I've just become 35 years old.

So, since I can't invite you all into a big party, I can at least write a journal entry and tell you all that if you would have been here I would have loved to spend this day with you all as well.

Huge hugs to you all and thank you for your continued support.


PS: have fun with the MMD model we have just released few days ago. If you check my last deviation you can find all the info there.

PPS: thank you all so much again!

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Calendar Contest 2013 - WINNERS!

Fri Dec 28, 2012, 4:46 AM

We are glad to announce the winners our Mitsume Temo Calendar contest 2013!!
You can find a complete report at the following link:…

I want to thank again everyone who took part to the contest.


Thank you all for taking part this year again at our calendar contest.

Entry time is closed and we will announce the winners around 27-28th of December (we need some time to prepare the digital download version of the calendar).

I'll update again as soon as I can.

Thank you all again for joining!

Calendar Contest 2013 - 2 DAYS LEFT

Mon Nov 19, 2012, 3:45 AM

***Just a small reminder for our calendar contest!***

Original post here:

For Mitsume Temo's 3rd Anniversary, we are presenting our 2012 Calendar Contest, where you'll be able to win a 3 months subscription to DeviantArt!

This time, we will pick the winners in a completely random way so, even if you think that your drawing skills aren't up for the challenge, don't worry! Everyone may have a chance to win! Just send us your drawings!

You can find all the rules on our website at the following link:…

That's all, folks!
We are looking forward to see your drawings!

Today is Mitsume Temo's 3rd anniversary!
I can't believe we made it so far!

In this special day I really want to thank you all.
I mean, you.
For real.
I'm not kidding.

I would have quit Temo long ago if it wouldn't have been for all your support, drawings, lovely messages and support.
YOU are Temo and this is YOUR anniversary.
I'm simply here to organize the party! ^^

So, to celebrate, we have 3 big news for you.

You should check the first 3 news directly on our website, because I won't tell you anything about on this journal.
I know it may seems mean, but we have made a dedicated page for the anniversary which you should (and i really mean "SHOULD") check!
Here is the link:…

In addition we are going to give away 3 months subscriptions to 3 people (sorry for insisting on number "3", but… you now… it's the 3rd anniversary after all…) .

To get them you have to draw Temo or one of our characters!
Easy, isn't it?
We will tell you all the details of this small contest the next week, but for know just know that you have time till the 17th of the next month (one month from now).

So, what are you waiting?
Go check our website and start drawing!

What happened to Temo?

Wed Oct 24, 2012, 3:24 AM

Dear fans, followers and friends.
Sorry for having disappeared for a pair of months.

I have had some real life issues that I had to take care, which lead me away from a little while from my loved project.
Although we are a company, everything is run mainly by me, so, if I am away, everything stops.

As few of you already know, it has been a happy and a hard year. We opened our shop, SoloFritto, for the limited period of 4 months.
It was a beautiful experience but at the same time it took us a lot of resources away.
Int he meantime Temo's team got smaller. Some members quit and we had verall a small budget to face everything.

We also had to temporarily suspend the short comic...

Looks really like we are closing...

But, we are not closing.
Even if we are smaller, shop-less and without budget we are still keep going on.

We won't have short comic for a while, but we will soon announce Season 3. Or better... we will have a "developer's blog" or a "producer's blog" on Season 3 and it's development.

We will put up new sessions on the website (or change it completely) and it should be done i think before Temo's 3rd birthday, which is on the 17th November.

I hope you will keep following and supporting us.
I have missed you all.


EDIT: A freind of mine is holding a contest for his son 1st birthday. You can find it here…

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After having been selected for entering in Youtube Partnership Program the last year, we have recently got the permission to do live streaming on Youtube.

Now, I would like to ask you what would you like to see on live streaming and what time (please include your timezone) and which days you would probably be able to watch us live.

At the moment I'm thinking to do a 3 people formation with me, Bibirba and Kurarin and do a small talk show or something like that. But any idea is appreciated.

This week short comic are about this, and you can find them here:…

Thank you so much for your time and for your attention.

PS: By the way, we would also like to increase our subscribers on Youtube, so if you have a Youtube account and haven't subscribed to our channel yet, please do it at this link.

  • Watching: SoloFritto opening video!

Season 2 first video, "The adventures of Bibirba and Kurarin! Episode 1: Cherry Blossoms!" is on Youtube!

You can watch it at the following link:…

Tomorrow I'll also upload one of the pictures we took during the shootings!

Thank you all, as always, for your continued support!
I'll answer to all your comment soon!

  • Watching: SoloFritto opening video!

A quick journal to inform you that we have uploaded SoloFritto opening event video on Youtube.

You can find it the the following link:…

And don't forget to turn on english captions!

  • Watching: SoloFritto opening video!

I have just realized that it has passed almost 2 months from my last journal.
I'm really sorry for this.
I really love you all and all the deviantart community and I feel so ashamed to haven't find time to spend with you all.

At least (if this may be an excuse) I have spent this time for making Temo better and bigger.

Unluckily, SoloFritto, our first (licensed) shop, is not performing well... maybe it will improve in the next months, who knows...

On the opposite side, instead, Temo is living one of the most lucend times of all her life. Our season 2, featuring the net idols 1Nen25Gumi, is about to debut next saturday at Tokyo International Anime Fair.
I have just uploaded a picture with 1Nen25Gumi at SoloFritto open event.
You should check it.

I'm sure that Season 2 will bring Temo to another level.
Specially because we have done our best form making it live, and I really don't know what more could we do for now.
So we (me and you all) just have to take a seat and wait.
Season 2 will shine and we won't regret the long long wait.

thank you so much for your continued support.
I love you all.


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